by The Desert Vest

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John Betz I fell on this Band by pure LUCK!! after purchasing their LATEST RELEASE Grimace I searched the internet and found 2 more albums by the desert vest and of course bought those epic Albums / cd's as well!! I love The track Paying Attention. Favorite track: Paying Attention.
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released March 10, 2015



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The Desert Vest Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Track Name: Shit In This
Shit In This

My ears hurt up too long
stop saying that I ask you wrong

come alive in the end
because you broke the wrench I spoke to you

now shit in this you fuck
I made you up coarse pavement

come alive in the end
because you broke the wrench I spoke to you
closed in span I can't make it out

shit bucket I went
kill the stench with aerosol
Track Name: Sweet / Low
Sweet / Low (aspartame was ruled "safe for consumers" by Donald Rumsfeld)

Cover my saccharine in salt
why am I so unsweet
I'm impatient

Sweet and low

Pour some soap on mine
read the warning

a youth screwed up enough without
dear God please help me
I need payment

Pour some soap on mine
read the warning
ink the screen and
a prefab style shop from home
Track Name: To The Hive
Watch him stack things up
please move past
get out of bed
to the hive of degenerates

said he's good

more stupid than
he admits
stupid to him

broke up with his girlfriend
not even good at pool
wasn't much to attack
please I'd like to see
Track Name: One Eight Hundred
Talk getting old or future business
skin them broke
cauterize the rest hope those around you go
terms you thought were theirs

I could I know you find fault
maybe with a new face

take what you want sure I don't need it
I'll come stack you up
my perfect similie short of getting past
what time you get in

I could I know you find fault
maybe with a new face
the terms you thought were drawn to cover race
time you admit one
Track Name: Paying Attention
There's no use paying attention just
they play happy music and let you try on things

take your time get up for school
take your time I'm sick knowing you

tell me why you're down on me
would you like a cigarette
Track Name: Tito Nixon
1972 Nixon was doing his thing
1982 Tom's parents are gonna do it

Tito Nixon whatever is good in the eyes of God
Tito Nixon let do you think

1942 boats move under sea
1882 steam will move it

2037 everyone dead
Track Name: Cast Of Elephants
Come to explain the fractured truth
of her soul of cheese

cast you in poppy rows
sky lit up an elephant song

left to refrain captured youth
of her bones and skin
Track Name: Deal Breaker
I'm non-confrontational to a fault so I just walk away
someone else will tell them
I don't get mad when escalators become just stairs
and I hope you know these shirt stains are from you

Amy Adoyzie

If I had a dollar for every brain that you never had
I would have one dollar
I'd be real sad if your house was destroyed by worms
and I'd walk you to the car with your mom and dad
Track Name: Baseball Team
I go you see you see come around
you see I'm out
I'm so mad so mad so mad so mad
guess I was hoping you would see

I say I see I'd see you play
I'd say I'd see nice to see you play
in another game

I'm bored you would come to my house
knock my door down
we could move down to Ohio
just a birdhouse to them
Track Name: Hey Boys
Hey boys do you want to play a show with us

Dried up we get high

Hey boys do you want to play a show song
Track Name: Close To Not Here
I would say to you I would say suffer
impossibility low fare close to not here
the task uneasy until it breaks the skin
circle punishment from you to me
how would you like it

now I pulled you out wipe you with hygienic thoughts
stares at a dot from now to what

stare at the ceiling time and space collapse
how can you make it when you seem
not the slightest
Track Name: Rites Of Spring
Lives in a rock don't you see him
will you send sweets incense

case you know half mentioned
tie shoelace to surface

history trade you in
into words or anything
I repeat how have you been

as for my sock yes I'm human
pain relief I blew it